Why Me


It will depend on the individual, as each electrician will have their own goals, but for most it will be money, prestige and an improved work-life balance.

On other pages we have quoted the BFA's research into the success rates of franchised businesses and non-franchised businesses.  To run a successful electrical business you will need to be at least a great electrician, a great administrator and a great business manager.  Perhaps you will also need to be an employer, a bookkeeper, an advertising manager, and a telephonist.  The list goes on.  By running a franchise, the majority of these roles are carried out in the the Solid Franchising office by experienced people.

As you will be an experienced and skilled electrician you should be being that great electrician earning the money that you deserve.  You should not be carrying out all those administrative tasks, such as checking that you have invoiced a job which was completed last week.  Your charge out rate as an electrician is high, and you should be charging this for the time you work, rather than spending your time on less productive tasks.  We can carry out these task for you at a fraction of the cost.

In summary, for most, the answer to "What is in this for me?" is more time and more money!

Make your business our business

  • Be the Best that you Are
  • Be part of a Great Team
  • We are Better Together
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Support Package
  • Quality BFA guidelines followed


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Initial Enquiry


When you initially contact us we will send a prospectus by email and will contact you by telephone to discuss your current position and wishes for your future



First Meeting

We will meet with you at our offices to demonstrate the benefits of working within a franchise and how you can grow your business


Visiting You

We will visit you in your home or our offices to confirm all the information that you require to make a decision..


Off You Go

Your business has started.  With the package provided you will have a company in your name, a van and tools ready to go.  Most importantly you will have clients phoning you.