To ensure that you will be able to achieve your business and personal goals Solid Franchising have a comprehensive support system in place.

Franchisee Development Manager - you will have a dedicated franchise development manager who will work with you throughout your time as a Solid franchisee.  They are there to guide new partners through the initial stages of opening your business and to assist with the growth of your business.

Franchise Business Manager - who is your contact to support your business through gaining of new leads and client relations from the outset and continuing through the years as your business develops.

Customer Support Team - who are your clients' resource to manage your time and workflow and to provide your clients' with the customer service you expect.

Initial and On-Going Training - training and procedures are what set us apart from the competition.  We will provide you with intiial training on how to run your business successfully from day one.  We will also provide you with training on how to operate our systems, which are designed to minimise the time you spend on administration.

Financial, Accounts and Business Support - throughout the life of your business our office will provide ongoing support with your accounting records, telephone support to clients and suppliers, diary management and many other areas to ensure your daily operations run smoothly.

Work with us, working for you

  • Grow your own business
  • Meet and work for your own customers.
  • Work from home
  • No office required
  • No administration staff required
  • Phone calls answered by Solid Franchising


           0203 633 8262




Initial Enquiry


When you initially contact us we will send a prospectus by email and will contact you by telephone to discuss your current position and wishes for your future



First Meeting

We will meet with you at our offices to demonstrate the benefits of working within a franchise and how you can grow your business


Visiting You

We will visit you in your home or our offices to confirm all the information that you require to make a decision..


Off You Go

Your business has started.  With the package provided you will have a company in your name, a van and tools ready to go.  Most importantly you will have clients phoning you.