A franchise is a quick and cost-effective method to start and run a business.  Solid Franchising has developed a business model that keeps electricians out on site earning money.  We will carry out the administration tasks that must be completed by any business.  The most significant of there is the organisation of purchase invoices and receipts and the issuing of sales invoices to customers and taking payments.

Electrical work and administration work require very different skills.  We let electricians be electricians, to be the best that they can be.  We are the book-keepers and administrators and are responsible for the administation work.

Join Our Business

  • Be the Best that you Are
  • Be part of a Great Team
  • We are Better Together
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Support Package
  • Quality BFA guidelines followed


Solid Franchising has a business model designed to make the administration work simple for you.  You will require no complex financial knowledge.  

You will meet with your own clients, working with them on each job and keeping their business as your long-term clients.  This part of the hugely rewarding benefit of running your own business.


The business is yours and you will own it.  Solid Franchising will work for you on your administration.  All the profit is yours to keep.  The more you are able to invoice, the more money you will take home.  There is huge potential as the electrical sector is constantly expending and the number of electricians is below what is required to carry out all the work in the UK.



With a franchise you will embark on a personally fulfilling venture as well as a financially rewarding opportunity. You will be able to do what you enjoy each day and look forward to going to work every morning.

This is an opportunity to run your own business that will make a real difference both for your clients and your personal life. You will be running your business by meeting customers and preparing quotes as well as carrying out the installation and testing work.


You will get training, office support, technical support, administration support, business planning support delivered by Solid Franchising.

You will get control of your time, a valuable business to develop or possibly sell, enhanced earnings if you chose, or more free time if you wish.

Work with us

  • Grow your own business
  • Meet and work for your own customers.
  • Work from home
  • No office required
  • No administration staff required
  • Phone calls answered by Solid Franchising

Be a Better You

  • Grow the value of your own business
  • Work from home
  • Plan your own work
  • Plan your own time
  • Have your own clients
  • Develop yourself




Initial Enquiry


When you initially contact us we will send a prospectus by email and will contact you by telephone to discuss your current position and wishes for your future



First Meeting

We will meet with you at our offices to demonstrate the benefits of working within a franchise and how you can grow your business


Visiting You

We will visit you in your home or our offices to confirm all the information that you require to make a decision..


Off You Go

Your business has started.  With the package provided you will have a company in your name, a van and tools ready to go.  Most importantly you will have clients phoning you.


Providing excellence in contractor support.

Ensuring excellence in contractor delivery.

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